September Farm to Table Dinner
6:00 PM

Join in a unique dining experience with Gritt’s Farm’s Farm to Table Dinner! Guests will dine on a 4-course meal under an Amish-constructed pavillion overlooking one the the vegetable fields. Dessert will be served just a stone’s throw away on an Amish-constructed deck for a fresh new view of the farm and the open sky above as the warm sun sets for the evening.

Guests are seated family-style on long rows of picnic tables, tastefully dressed in white linens and decorated with farm grown flower bouquets.

Each dinner will feature a special Guest Chef. Keep checking in for details including Chef’s biographies and menu postings. Each Chef will take what is seasonally available and create a one-of-a kind menu that focuses on fresh ingredents and whole foods. The produce being used will have been harvested only 24-48 hours prior to the dinner, keeping the ingredients nutrient-dense and full of flavor! Since the farm isn’t a meat farm, Gritt’s partners with other farmers in the area to create a well-rounded and balanced dinner.

* Vegetarian options available upon request.

Guests are welcome to arrive at 6:00pm, 30 minutes before dinner service. Dinners typically run 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Dinner service will start at 6:30 and guests are expected to be seated at that time. Gritt’s Farm isn’t just serving dinner, they are creating a dining experience, so please come with the idea in mind of relaxing while enjoying a good meal.

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