2017 Spring CE Conference for Social Workers
9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Welcome! Since 1985 the annual Spring Continuing Education Conference for Social Workers has taken your comments to heart to provide you with timely skill-building content to enhance your effectiveness, meaningful professional networking opportunities, and an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. We’ve shaken up the schedule a bit this year, but you can still look forward to over 100+ skill-building workshops offering you an exceptional learning experience!


Every Social Worker, health, mental health, and human services professional is essential to West Virginia at this critical and challenging time! The training you receive will enhance your ability to address the most press- ing problems facing individuals, families and communities, and nourish you to continue.


Simply put, the challenges we face demand constant improvement of our knowledge and skills in aging, healthcare, mental/behavioral health, addictions, and policy, with veterans, children and families, communities, and other practice arenas.


The Spring Conference is the largest NASW Chapter annual conference in the nation, and a favored resource for professional continuing education at an exceptional value. We are humbled by the confidence you place in us by attending the annual Spring Conference!

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